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Our harbour.

The boat club Guldborgsund commands a part of Nykøbing F. yachting harbour. Our spaces lie by the main bridge, as well as the Northern basin by the Northbridge. All our spaces are marked with yellow colour on the bridges and they have the numbers 101-170. In addition to this we also command eventually free spaces in the channel harbour. These spaces are distributed in cooperation with the two other clubs in the yachting harbour Nykøbing F. AMBA.

A lively commercial town.

The harbours lie in the middle of Guldborgsund right up to the biggest commercial town in the region. In Nykøbing Falster you can find many interesting cultural experiences and activities. The summer time is characterized by The Summer Revue, Jazz in the town square and in the first week of august: Nykøbing Falster Festivity Week. In the other end of Guldborgsund you can find the The Medieval Town, where you can experience the medieval times up close. The yachting harbour lies next to the Slotsbryggen, a new modern area where there are both shopping, cafe’s and a cinema.


Good harbour facilities.

In the bottom of Slotsbryggen you can find marine diesel and gasoline, but the area must be navigated to with the utmost caution and only with low draught. Please contact the harbour master for more information. Furthermore, there is the opportunity to cook in both clubhouses on the harbour and there are cosy barbecue spaces on and by the patios surrounding the clubhouse. Here you can enjoy your delicacies with a view over the strait.


Call into port.

The boat club Guldborgsund has about 70 spaces and lies around 1 km north of King Frederik IX bridge (lift bridge). From North the opportunities of call into port are limited by the opening hours of the Guldborg Bridge, and from south by the opening hours of King Frederik IX Bridge. NB: by bigger draught then 2,2 m please contacts the harbour office for directions to a space. It is not allowed to moor yachts by the commercial harbour quays.


Field trips.

Around 1,5km from the harbour lies the station, from where you can catch a train to Copenhagen, Næstved and Nakskov. About 5,5 km from the harbour lies The Medieval Town with exciting experiences from around the year 1400. Worth a visit for the whole family.



About 500 m. from the harbour you will find “Evigheden” which is a fantastic playground for kids and childlike souls. The place lies right across from the town library on a space that earlier housed the glorious old stadium, where many ferocious battles, in the towns days of glory, in Danish soccer, were fought.

​Other facilities in the harbour

In the harbour area there are toilets that with a code, can be used by everyone, members of the club and guest sailors. You receive the code on mail, right after payment for your stay. We also have Wi-fi, and the code for this, you also receive after payment.

Guest rent.

Payment of Guest rent happen through HARPA and the easiest way, is to use the QR code, which immediately leads you to the payment page on the internet. 








Here you must state the name of the boat, the length and space number, so that we can identify the payments. To be able to make out a receipt, you also have to add your email address and phone number. If you have the HARPA App installed you can naturally use this as well. Exceptionally, there is a letterbox in the front of the clubhouse with a few envelopes, where you can pay with cash.

Direct to payment page can also be accessed through this Link.

Prices 2020

0,00 m. - 9,00 m.        140,00 DKK  / 20€

9,00 m. - 12,00 m.      170,00 DKK  / 25 €

12,00 m. - 15,00 m.    210,00 DKK  / 30 €

15,00 m. - 0,00 m.      260,00 DKK  / 40 €


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